“Because we understand the importance of prevention and security in real time”


Welcome to Castle Security Services Limited. We are a privately held company, supported by a highly trained professional constabulary, that seeks to provide security services to the commercial and residential clients in Guyana.


Castle Security Services Limited is an innovative, professional medium sized security firm with demonstrated experience. We provide high caliber security personnel who have been extensively trained using practical techniques based on modern anticrime strategies.

What We Offer?

Our company provides an equally developing environment by combining clients’ needs with the fundamentals of operational and responsible Administrative Management.


Our company can offer immediate security personnel on a twenty-four hour basis. We have an operational fleet which undertake nightly patrols and alarm responses within the protective security division, supported by our fully manned 24 hours 7 days a week Central Monitoring Station, where your asset events are recorded and stored in our secure location.

Why Choose Us?

Castle Security Services Limited formally was founded based on the growing demand for Security Service in an industry driven on professionalism and safety to ensure that you the receiver are secure. We offer services that range between:


* Personal Protection Specialists

* Stationary Guards

* Armed and Baton Officers

* Sentry/Front Desk Security Services

* Mobile Patrol

* Tactical Response Teams

Training & Development


All new recruits undergo through rigorous training by Senior Officers in all areas of security, in order to provide exceptional individuals who will be able to address all the client’s security needs.


Staff Development

Our people are valued and supported through proactive management of our security programs and an open communication policy. Staff development is a crucial part of our success and this is indicated through our commitment to on-going training of all staff at all levels. more

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